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Bar & Asian Dining

Finish “properly”. The end is the beginning.

If the end is good, everything is good.
A cup to finish the meal. A final offering.
A moment to end the day.
Tomorrow's wind will blow tomorrow.


Our Signature


Tradition and innovation
"Singapore Sling" & "Ryukyu Sling"


original pickled sake
“Nutritious sake” is the best finishing touch that permeates the mind and body.


"Ryukyu baku teh" etc.
Gentle late-night cuisine that will delight your body

Image by Clem Onojeghuo

Enjoy a quality time together
“Music” and “Video”


Food & Drink


Asian-Italian fusion

The cuisine is Asian-Italian fusion.The signature dish is Ryukyu bak kut teh. Extracts of many vegetables and medicinal dishes,Bak Kut Teh is a traditional Singaporean soup dish made with spices and garlic.Adding Ryukyu's special ingredients and spices to this dish creates an even deeper flavor.A soup perfect to end a day filled with flavor.Melting local pork spare ribs stewed for a long time, somen noodles mixed with turmeric,A satisfying end-of-the-body soup that can be enjoyed with Okinawan Yushi Tofu, Arthur, etc.

Glass of Happiness

Singapore is the hometown of Bak Kut Teh. A faithful reproduction of the signature cocktail "Singapore Sling". We also recommend the Ryukyu Sling, which was created by Meister out of respect for Okinawa. We have a wide lineup of ``Nourishing Sake'' made by steeping Awamori with medicinal dishes and herbal medicines, and we also have over 20 types of natural wines that are brewed with grapes grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals and are easily absorbed by the body. Tiger Beer, which continues to be loved in Singapore, is also a must-try.


Signature dish is Ryukyu Bakutae.

The traditional Singaporean soup "Bhakthee" is made with a variety of vegetables, herbal extracts, spices and garlic, and accented with Ryukyuan ingredients and spices. The soup is served with long braised pork spare ribs, somen noodles kneaded with turmeric, Okinawan tofu, arthur, and other ingredients.



About BAR

The store has 15 counter seats and standing space. There are 10 table seats where you can spend a relaxing time. The sound flowing from the carefully selected sound equipment and the images projected from the projector create a timeless atmosphere. I'm sure the drinks and food will taste good after a <a little exercise> (^_^)


About Terrace

There are 20 seats on the terrace.  

A space with botanical elements added to the open terrace. We would like you to enjoy drinks and food while looking up at the Okinawa sky and enjoying the wind that is blowing right now. Screenings are also held regularly using an outdoor projector.





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